Fearn – The Alder

Fearn (pronounced ‘FAIR-n’)
Represents letter(s): F
Divinatory meaning: Endurance, perseverance, adaptability
Associated Tree/Plant: Alder
Healing Properties: Tea made from alder bark can be used to treat coughs, toothaches and diarrhea. Boil crushed alder bark and use the juice to relieve itching from poison ivy. A poultice of alder bark relieves swellings and sprains.
Magical Uses: The alder is sacred to the Faeries. Its name comes from the word elder,’ and is derived from the Elder Kings; i.e., kings of the Fey. Since the alder is sacred to them, Faeries are said to protect it, and they may often be seen in the form of ravens in its treetops. Gateways to the Faerie realm are rumored to exist in the trunks of alders. The alder is the tree of Ostara. Some traditions decorate alder trees with ribbons and flowers for this holiday.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Bran, Ostara

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