Sencha is available for your event!

Sencha the Vate is available for either concerts or workshops. Use the contact form below for more information. Sencha’s workshops and seminars are on the topics of Druidry, Paganism and nature-centered spirituality. If you have a need for a particular topic, let him know and he’ll consider creating a seminar to meet your needs.

In the past he’s done seminars on the following topics:

  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • Introduction to Druidry
  • Celtic Shamanism
  • The Way of the Taibhsear
  • Embracing Diversity in the Pagan Community
  • Raising Pagan Children
  • The Sacred Warrior – Pagan Masculinity
  • Healing Herbs of the Appalachians
  • Seven Phases of the Druid Vision Quest
  • Sacred Drumming
  • Druid Meditations
  • Introduction to the Ogham
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Vision Questing
  • The Celtic Tree Horoscope
  • The Druid Revival and Celtic Reconstructionism
  • The Way of the Coyote
  • Embracing the Darkness: The Dark Half of the Wheel
  • Pagan Intentional Communities
  • Green Circles: A Sustainable Journey from Womb to Tomb
  • The Rainbow Tribe
  • Animal Totems and Animal Wisdom
  • Your True Spiritual Self
  • Climate Change and the Pagan Community

For information on these and other workshops, complete the contact form below.

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