Active Druid Meditations – Volume One

I’m currently in the studio working on the next meditation album, Active Druid Meditations, Volume One.

Meditation is a process of inner contemplation in which you elevate your consciousness by directing it to specific activities. There are two basic types of meditation: Active Meditation and Passive Meditation. Passive Meditation is about leaving the Doing Mode of existence and moving to the Being Mode of existence. In Being Mode, you do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to do anything. You are free to simply exist with your experiences in the present moment.

This is accomplished by leaving thinking mode and entering sensing mode. In sensing mode you leave your thoughts behind and focus only on your physical sensations. What do I see? What do I hear? What do I smell? What do I taste? What do I touch?

Active Meditations are meditations that are conducted for a specific purpose. On Volume One of the Active Druid Meditations album, the following meditations will be included:

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life meditation is a powerful grounding meditation that allows you to tap into the energies of the earth so that you do not have to rely solely on your own energy for magical workings.

Druid’s Egg
The Druid’s Egg is a protective meditation that shields you from negative energies.

Sacred Space
The Sacred Space meditation allows you to create your own landscape in the Otherworld. Once created, you can always retreat to this space when you need a respite from the cares of the day-to-day world. 

The Cave (Overcoming Fear)
This meditation helps you to travel to the depths of your unconscious mind to evaporate fear and anxiety.

Active Druid Meditations, Volume One will feature guided meditations by Sencha the Vate accompanied by Native American flute music and the sounds of nature. This album will be available in time for the holiday season 2017!

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