Ioho – The Yew

Ioho (pronounced ‘EE-yoh’)
Represents letter(s): I, Y
Divinatory meaning: Deception, illusion, trickery
Associated Tree/Plant: Yew
Healing Properties: This plant is poisonous and should be used only with extreme caution! Extract of yew needles has been used to treat lung diseases and bladder problems. A new cancer drug, Taxol, has been derived from the bark and berries of the yew.
Magical Uses: The yew is associated with death and dying. Its magic, like elder magic, is involved in reincarnation and contact with the spirit world. Yews are often planted in graveyards as silent guardians and protectors. Yew wood is sometimes used for wands; especially by those whose magical gifts involve reincarnation or the power of life and death. Incense made of yew wood is said to summon the dead when burned.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: The Mórrígan, Brighid

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