Koad – The Poplar

Koad (pronounced ‘KO-ud’)
Represents letter(s): CH
Divinatory meaning: Achievement, accomplishment, victory
Associated Tree/Plant: Poplar
Healing Properties: Use tea made of poplar buds for treating fevers. This tea is also useful in treating arthritis. An infusion of poplar leaves helps treat diarrhea. Poplar buds exude a sticky substance. This sap can be used as a stimulant. Make a tincture of this sap for chest complaints or rheumatism. It is also high in vitamin C, and may be used to treat scurvy. Make a balm of the sap to heal bruises and swellings more quickly.
Magical Uses: Black poplar aids in divination. Rune sticks carved of this wood will be powerful. The abilities to protect, shield, and resist temptations are poplar’s gifts. Poplar aids in overcoming fear. Poplar buds carried in a bag worn over the heart help to heal a broken heart. A charm of poplar wood eases stress in the life of the one who wears it. Poplar wood is traditionally used for carving statues of the Goddess. If using poplar for magic tools, never let the wood touch the ground once harvested. This discharges its energy.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Blodeuwedd, the Dagda, Taranis

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