Oir – Pink Dogwood

Oir (pronounced ‘OR’)
Represents letter(s): TH
Divinatory meaning: Talent, creativity, genius
Associated Tree/Plant: Spindle (Also called ‘Indian Arrowwood’ or ‘Pink Dogwood’)
Healing Properties: An infusion of the bark of the spindle stimulates digestion in small doses. In larger doses, it causes stomach irritation and vomiting. This infusion is also a mild diuretic, and aids in promoting regular bowel movements. It is especially good for treating ailments of the liver.
Magical Uses: The spindle is the tree of balance. It helps you to understand your shadow side and to express it in positive rather than negative ways. Its magic helps you to communicate clearly with those around you and to avoid misunderstandings. It is a tree of endings. If you have difficulty completing tasks, a charm of spindle wood will help you to see through to your objective. It may be used in divination to help you to find a solution to a difficult problem. Spindle’s magic helps you to put aside masks and pretensions and to find your true self.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Angus Mac Og

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