Tinne – The Holly

Tinne (pronounced ‘CHIN-yuh’)
Represents letter(s): T
Divinatory meaning: Movement, action, activity
Associated Tree/Plant: Holly
Healing Properties: Holly berries are poisonous, so do not ingest them! Press fresh holly leaves to extract the juice, and use this juice to treat jaundice. Tea made from dried holly leaves is used to treat fevers. It is also effective for gout, bladder infections and congestion.
Magical Uses: Holly has an amplifying effect on magic. To add an extra ‘zing’ to your magic works, incorporate a holly sprig. Spears and arrows made of holly are said to always find their mark. During a full moon, soak a branch of holly overnight in water. Sprinkle this water around the house for purification and protection. This water is especially helpful in

protecting infants. Holly bushes are said to repel unfriendly spirits and negative influences. Holly is the traditional decoration for Alban Arthan/Yule. To make your dreams come true, pick nine holly leaves while remaining completely silent. Wrap these leaves in a pure white silk or cotton cloth, then tie nine knots in the cloth. Sleep with this bundle under your pillow.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Lugh, Macha, the Holly King

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