Qwert – The Apple

Qwert (pronounced ‘KWEIRT’)
Represents letter(s): Q
Divinatory meaning: Love, beauty, passion
Associated Tree/Plant: Apple
Healing Properties: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples naturally cleanse the bowels, and are good for the heart. A tea made from the bark of the apple tree can reduce fever and serves as a stimulant. A poultice made of crushed and/or boiled crabapples can help reduce scarring and swelling. Crabapple tea can help cure hangovers.
Magical Uses: Apple is one of the nine firewoods to be added to the Belfire for the festival of Beltane (May 1). The Nine Sacred Woods of the Belfire are birch, oak, rowan, willow, hawthorn, hazel, apple, grapevine and fir. Apples are a symbol of eternal perfection and beauty. An apple cut in half will reveal a pentacle. For this reason, apples are considered to be sacred to the Goddess. Apples are often used for divination. Bobbing for apples is a form of divination. Once you have your apple, if you put it under your pillow, you will dream about the person you will marry. It is said that an apple peel tossed over your left shoulder will form the first letter of the name of your true love. Apple magic is associated with shamanistic journeying and the Otherworld as well. ‘Avalon’ means ‘The Isle of the Apples.’
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Cailleach, Abellio

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