Circle of Life Divination

A rune (few) casting cloth – I sometimes tie the four corners of such a cloth, making a bag to carry my ogham fews in.

This method of divination with ogham fews requires a circle, about 12” to 18.” If doing this divination outdoors, you may draw the circle on the ground. Alternately, you may draw a circle on a piece of paper, or carry a cloth in your crane bag, with a circle of the required size drawn on it. You would then lay the cloth on the table or the floor.
Have the person for whom you are doing the reading shake the crane bag to sort the fews, then have them dump the contents of the bag onto the circle. This works best if the person is standing over a circle on the ground, but may also be done on a table. Any fews that fall outside of the circle are not read. These are placed back into the bag. Start your reading by interpreting the few closest to the center (it may help to draw a dot in the center of the circle for this purpose). The center few represents the person’s current state. If this few is face-down, then its meaning is just the opposite of its face value. For example, if the inverted few in question was ‘nuin,’ which represents ‘wisdom, knowledge, and learning,’ then its inverted meaning would be ‘ignorance.’ Do this for every inverted few within the circle. If there is more than one few at the center, blend the interpretations. If these interpretations cancel each other out, then proceed to the next nearest few to the center.
The few(s) nearest to the center represents the prevailing force(s) at work in the person’s life. Proceed outward from the center and read each few. Those closer to the individual’s few at the center are the more powerful influences, and the ones farther away are the less significant influences. If two fews are overlapping, the top one is exerting influence over the bottom one. And again, if one or both of the overlapping fews are inverted, they have just the opposite meaning of their face value.
The Circle of Life reading is good for getting an overall picture of all of the powers at work in an individual’s life. It is especially useful as a prelude to a healing ceremony or ritual.

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