Reading the Omens

Many Druid traditions include a reading of the omens as part of ritual or circle. This is sometimes done using a set of ogham fews. If you’ve been following along with this blog series on the ogham, you have created your own set of ogham fews.

Before beginning any ogham reading, you may wish to call upon a God or a Goddess for assistance in interpreting the reading. If you have a Patron God or a Matron Goddess, you may call upon them. Alternately, if you are doing a reading for an individual, you may have them to ask for assistance from their own God or Goddess. It may help for both of you place your hands on the crane bag containing the ogham runes while invoking.
There are many methods of reading the ogham. As you gain experience, you can decide which work best for you. Today’s blog will cover the basic omen triad. Future posts will cover two more types of divination. Experiment with them and see what sort of results you get. You may also create your own ways of reading the omens using ogham. There is no right or wrong way to do so, as long as your method works for you.

Basic Omen Triad
This method works well when reading the omens during a ritual, since it is quick and efficient. Draw three runes out of the crane bag, one at a time. The first few represents the past. The second few represents the present, and the third few represents the future. Interpret the fews one at a time, focusing on the transitions from past to present, then from present to future. For example, if you drew ‘eadha’ for the past, ‘nuin’ for the present, and ‘koad’ for the future, their divinatory meanings are as follows:
Eadha = Endurance, perseverance, persistence
Nuin = Wisdom, knowledge, learning
Koad = Achievement, accomplishment, victory
A possible interpretation would be that you have used endurance, perseverance and persistence in the past to arrive at wisdom, knowledge and learning in the present, and if you persist on this path, you will reap achievement, accomplishment and victory. The transition from a past of persistence to a present of wisdom has already awarded you with some accomplishment, and if you transition from wisdom and knowledge in the present by continuing to endure, your reward will be victory in the future.
You may also use this technique with other triads; for example, try ‘mind, body, spirit,’ or ‘emotion, reason, wisdom,’ or ‘maiden, mother, crone,’ or ‘golden child, warrior, sage.’

If doing an omen reading for your grove or circle, don’t put too much interpretation on it yourself other than just stating the basic meanings of the fews. Allow each person attending to draw their own conclusions about the meaning of the omen.

Next time we’ll cover the Circle of Life method of divination.

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