Sencha the Vate is an author, teacher, and musician. He creates meditative albums for those who follow a nature-centered spiritual path, as well as Native American flute music and music he describes as ‘Pagan folk.’ His Pagan folk albums feature guitar, drums, various stringed instruments, and flutes.

Sencha (pronounced “SHEN-ka”) began the Druid path in 1979. His is currently a member of the Reformed Druids of Gaia and the Order of the Mithril Star, and the Chief Druid of the Order of the Morrigan. The name “Sencha” means “historian” or “keeper of the lore.” The Vates (or Ovates) were the seers, shamans and healers of the Celtic people, so the name “Sencha the Vate” means, “Healer and Keeper of the Lore.”

Sencha’s “day job” involves working as a Pagan-friendly family therapist. He works with ecotherapy, which is using the healing power of nature in clinical therapeutic sessions. In this capacity he has taught workshops for mental health professionals throughout the Southeast.

He has also hosted several podcasts. Many of them are available on this website.

Meditative Music
Sencha’s meditative music is instrumental. It features flutes, occasional guitars and drums, and sounds of nature recorded near his home in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area of Upstate South Carolina. These albums are excellent for meditation, or just for easy listening.

Pagan Folk Music
Sencha’s Pagan Folk music features a variety of acoustic instruments, including guitars, drums, flutes, and various stringed instruments. Somewhere between light rock and traditional folk, his compositions draw from nature-centered spiritual themes and mystic experiences.

Sencha’s meditative recordings help novices and experienced practitioners to part the veil between the worlds. He records meditations for shamanic journeying, stress relief, and mystic experiences. The meditations draw on Druidic and Celtic lore, and are accompanied by guitar, Native American flute, and the sounds of nature.

Sencha writes extensively on topics of interest to Pagans, shamans, and those who follow a nature-centered spiritual path. He also writes books for mental health professionals, usually on themes related to nature. He studies and teaches ecotherapy and ecopsychology, and uses nature a great deal in his practice as a family therapist.

Although Sencha has taken time off from podcasting to focus on other pursuits, in the past he has hosted three different podcasts: Druid Nation, Black Mountain Druidry, and the Way of the Taibhsear. His podcasts have featured guests like Damh the Bard, Selena Fox, and Nimue Brown. Selections from these podcasts are available on this website.

Sencha offers workshops on Druidry throughout the Southeast. In the past he has presented at events like Upstate Pagan Pride Day, Earth Worship Weekend, and many other Pagan and nature-centered events. He also presents continuing education seminars for mental health professionals, usually on the topics of ecotherapy and trauma.