Druid Meditations

Druid Meditations by Sencha
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1 Tree Of Life 7:22
Explore the archetype of the tree with this meditation.

2 The Tree At The Center 6:19
The Celts believed that a tree stood at the center of the world, and that this tree (The Saxons called it Irminsul, the Irish called it Crann Bethadh, and the Norse called it Yggdrasil) was the axis about which the world turned. What is the tree at the center of your own life?

3 Acceptance 6:45
This meditation helps you to change the things you can, and to accept the things you cannot change.

4 The World Tree 10:10
The Sacred Tree as a metaphor for life’s journey

5 Sacred Space 12:33
A meditation for creating your own sacred space

6 Past Life Regression 12:27
Have you lived before? Explore your past lives with this meditation.