Duir – The Oak

Duir (pronounced ‘DOO-er’)
Represents letter(s): D
Divinatory meaning: Power, strength, endurance
Associated Tree/Plant: Oak
Healing Properties: Oak leaf tea is an astringent good for treating kidney infections and hemorrhoids. Oak bark tea can ease a sore throat. A tea made from the bark of the white oak is an effective decongestant. You may either drink the tea, or inhale the steam from a boiling pot of bark. Crushed acorns relieve constipation, and may help ease the cravings of alcoholism.
Magical Uses: Oak is one of the nine firewoods to be added to the Belfire for the festival of Beltane (May 1). The Nine Sacred Woods of the Belfire are birch, oak, rowan, willow, hawthorn, hazel, apple, grapevine and fir. Oak magic is the magic of strength, success and stability. The oak is known as the ‘King of the Forest’ or ‘King of the Grove,’ and the word ‘Druid’ may have come from the Gaelic word for ‘oak.’ Oaks are especially sacred to the Druids, and the tree represents wisdom. Acorns are used to decorate altars for Samhain, as they represent rebirth. Carrying three acorns in your crane bag is said to promote health and long life, and to prevent illness. If you catch a falling oak leaf in autumn, you’ll have no colds all winter. A statue of a God or Goddess statue carved of oak is especially powerful.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Taranis, The Dagda, Cerridwen, the Oak King