Ailm – The Silver Fir

Ailm (pronounced ‘AHL-m’)
Represents letter(s): A
Divinatory meaning: Energy, power, intensity
Associated Tree/Plant: Silver Fir
Healing Properties: The sap of the silver fir is a diuretic, and can stimulate mucous membranes if taken in small doses. Larger doses can induce vomiting, and may cause nausea. The oil can be used as a base for many essences used in aromatherapy. The Silver Fir is associated with the Moon, and as such it is a feminine power related to any Goddesses with lunar powers and associations.
The Silver Fir is associated with the Goddess Brighid in Celtic lore in her triple aspect offering learning, creativity and progress. It is also sacred to the God Attis, who was imprisoned in a fir tree. Fir trees have the ability to protect from lightning. A wand made of fir or pine will help in matters of perseverance and change. Wands or staffs of fir are also useful in the invocation of the Goddess. The silver fir is especially useful for rites at the equinoxes because it is a tree of balance and stability. Firs, pines and other evergreens are also helpful for grounding rituals. In its Crone aspect, the silver fir has power over shadowy places, dark secrets and the unconscious mind. Because of this, it may be used to tame these forces in your life. Carry a sprig of silver fir in your Crane Bag as a talisman for help in these areas. It may help to weave such a sprig into a ring.
Gods/Goddesses Associated with This Tree/Plant: Limetus, Danu, Cerridwen