Coming Soon: Call of the Coyote

Call of the Coyote by Sencha the Vate
In the time that was and will be again, all of the peoples of the world came up through a hole in Mother Earth to dwell in the sunlight. All the two-legged tribes and the four-legged tribes came up together to be born. In the beginning, all the two-leggeds and four-leggeds were brothers and sisters. All the tribes of animals and humans were one People. They came up from beneath the earth one by one.
Coyote was the last to emerge.
In the time of the beginning, the Earth was covered with trees, but none of the People knew how to make fire, so all of the people of the earth, the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds, lived without fire, and could not cook, nor stay warm in the winter, nor see at night.
In that time, each creature lived according to his nature. Brother Eagle was a stern hunter and visionary who saw far, so he lived a serious life. Brother Bear was strong and knew the herbs, so he lived a life of ease and healing. Sister Cougar was crafty and wise, and lived the solitary life of the hunter. Sister Salmon was quick and sleek, and lived a busy life jumping from stream to stream.
Brother Coyote was playful, so he spent his days running to and fro about the earth. He never took anything seriously, and loved playing tricks on all the other People. Sometimes his pranks hurt the other members of the tribe. Because of this, many of the People were wary of Coyote, and did not trust his antics.
In the time of the beginning, the People had come up out of the ground during the first spring. They had never lived on the earth before, so everything was new to them. The Sun was warm, and the land was abundant. They went about their business through the first spring and summer, never planning for the future, because life was so easy.
Because they had never lived on the earth before, they did not know about the seasons. They lived as if spring would be eternal.
But soon came the first autumn. The trees were ablaze with bright reds and golds of the season. The People did not know what this meant, as they had never seen it before. They had assumed that it would always be spring, and that the weather would always be warm. But as the first autumn began to give way to the first winter, they soon came to know that things were changing.
Since this was their first winter, they had no way of knowing that spring and summer would eventually return to the land. As the nights grew cooler the People began to panic.
“Is this the end of everything?” they cried, “Someone must do something! What if the Sun never returns?”
They all went to their Chief, saying, “The days and nights are getting colder! If you do not do something, we will all surely die!”
So Chief Buffalo held a Council to figure out what to do.

Thus begins the saga of how Coyote brought the sacred fire to the People.

Have you heard the Call of the Coyote? Here are a few questions to help you to recognize if Coyote is calling you:
•You have a deep concern for the environment and all life
•Family is extremely important to you
•You use humor as a teaching tool
•You like to challenge everyone’s beliefs, including your own
•You are a fierce protector and loyal friend
•You have an ability to ‘walk between the worlds’
•You had dreams and visions as a child
•You have an inner sense that you were born for a higher purpose
•You are willing to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them
•You have a no-nonsense approach to things that matter
•You have a way of cutting through the extraneous to get to the heart of the matter beneath the façade
•You feel more at home in the woods than in a city
•You have often been attracted to nature
•Traditional forms of spirituality and religion don’t seem to fit you
•You want to make a difference and leave a legacy
•You have a natural gift for teaching and explaining things to others

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may have heard the Call of the Coyote. Sencha’s forthcoming book discusses what it is to answer the call.