Tears Upon the Water

Tears Upon the Water by Taibhsear is a concept album.
Imagine we are standing at a crossroads.
One path leads to the destruction of the planet’s environment and people, and the other leads to a new world inspired by a higher consciousness. Which road would you take? Tears Upon the Waterexplores what happens when a warrior makes that journey.


1. Firefly Mountain (04:29)

Several years ago I walked past a television playing in a store window in a mall. The scene on the screen caught my attention. I thought it was fireflies at first, but as I stopped to watch, I realized that it was a scene from a night bombing in Iraq. The bombs and flares looked, from a distance, like fireflies dancing in the night sky. That memory led me to a vision of two great armies fighting to the death in a valley, while followers of the Goddess watched the scene from their homes high on the mountaintop. From their lofty perch they watch the fireflies in the valley below, burning in the dawn, while safe in the knowledge that they follow the wisdom of the woods and the ways of the Goddess.

2. White Horses (04:52)
Many who feel called to a Pagan path feel torn within themselves. Since Pagan ways are largely misunderstood in the predominant culture, the decision to walk the Pagan path can sometimes mean the sacrifice of family, of friends, or of career. On the other hand, it is never too late to be who you were born to be. This song tells the story of one man who, watching his world fall apart around him, finally chose to honor his own true nature and his calling.

3. War Drum Song (02:07)
For those who choose the path of war, greed, and hatred, the Ouroboros devours itself. In this song, the two mighty armies meet, carrying the warrior to his death.

4. Tears Upon the Water (02:11)
This song is a tribute to the fallen Pagan warrior. He has fought the good fight and has gone on to the Otherworld to await rebirth.

5. Samhain (Long Ago) (05:17)
Centuries ago our Ancestors honored our fallen ones at Samhain; the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and souls can cross from one side to another. As Pagan ways celebrate a renaissance all over the world the tradition of Samhain is also being reborn. What was practiced long ago is now honored once again.

6. Ancestor Chant (02:41)
This chant invites the Shining Ones, those sacred Ancestors who have gone before, to part the veil and share their wisdom with us.

7. To the Morrigan (04:26)
An invocation the Goddess of Battle and Sovereignty. She appoints our time to die, but she also determines when we shall live again in a new life and a new world.

8. Mists of Mannanan (03:24)
Mannanan Mac Lir, God of the Sea and Gatekeeper for the Otherworld, parts the mists and allows the fallen warrior to journey to the Land of the Young.

9. Aiden (05:25)
Aiden, pronounced, ‘Jay-deen,’ is a Celtic Goddess of love and sexuality. She is also the Goddess of psychic powers and intuition. As the warrior’s soul crosses into the Land of the Young, she greets him with a kiss. And a hug. And…

10. Tir Na N’Og (03:11)
As the warrior’s soul is welcomed into Tir Na N’Og, the Land of the Young, he greets Cernunnos, the Horned God of the Wild Hunt, and discovers that he and Cernunnos are one and the same.